SHINee’s Onew confirmed as male lead for upcoming web drama, “Dating Was The Easiest”


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Onew SHINee Unjuk Gigi di Drama Terbaru

Mar 29, at 8: Three years later, they were rumored to be dating. They also enjoy wearing matching hoodies.

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SHINee’s Onew Confirmed to Star as Male Lead in New Web Drama

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In which Minho is deaf. I really like how their relationship is portrayed and how it progresses and how Jonghyun learns sign language for Minho and how Minho learns to play the guitar just for Jonghyun. Gosh, it’s just so sweet. I think it’s AU. And more plotless smut. But the part with Taemin is just hilarious. And at the end when they left, oh gosh. Composer by Sabrina bffimagine Let’s see where should I begin with this. This fic is really emotional.

Not the I-will-cry kind, but more of the my-chest-hurts-and-it-wont-go-away kind.

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Lee Jin-ki born December 14, , better known by his stage name Onew, is a South Korean singer and actor. Born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, Onew was discovered at the S. Academy Casting and signed the contract with S. M Entertainment the day after his audition. He debuted as one of the lead vocalists of boy group Shinee in May , who went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea. Career beginnings Onew was discovered at the S.

Drama Korea Terbaru dan Onew SHINee telah dikonfirmasi akan menjadi pemeran utama pria dalam drama web yang berjudul Dating Was the Easiest (masih akan berubah). Hal ini disampaikan langsung oleh perwakilan produksi drama tersebut pada 9 Maret lalu.

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She looked around the dark room completely disoriented, and what was this pillow that she was sleeping on? It sure was a long pillow and it had arms, and legs, and Oh, it’s Taemin, she thought to herself before blushing slightly. Technically, Taemin and Clarissa had been dating for exactly one month and 13 days. She smiled, her groggy head deep in thought at the realization.

Taemin had asked her to be his girlfriend two days before Shinee had left for promotions. Now they only had three days until returning back to Korea and, when they finally returned home, Shinee would have been away for one month and two weeks.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. I agree with you. He has been a lot more excluded in the radios, videos, interviews, etc. There was even a “rumor” about him being missing for several weeks before their comeback. Well before I start, him being skinny is nothing to be surprised at. A lot of times, SHINee memers work out full time to get ready for their comeback. And to tell you my opinion, they ALL need to gain some weight!!! Because of that, Jonghyun was struggling for a long time, losing many of his fans.

He coulnd’t come out on TV for a long time because of this issue, which is thought to be schemed from evil SM Entertainment to block the issues rising of TVXQ’s break-up. Anyways, now that that issue has past, Jonghyun is recently VERY talkative, and almosts acts as the leader, answering almost all the interviews that Onew, as a leader, should be answering. He does take a lot of Onew’s responsibilities into his own hands, I just think his lack of being active in the past has kind of got him into pressure in talking a lot.

And Onew, being the ever so kind and innocent leader as he is, lets him talk. Second, recently there has been an audio going around of Jinki telling his fan that he is so thankful that his fans are there.

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