RCA RV-9900 User Manual


If you want to share a phone line, this is the easiest way! Keep in mind that this device will let you share phone lines for both incoming and outgoing calls, but they have no way of routing incoming calls. That means that only one of the devices should be allowed to automatically answer the line! We get lots of calls from people wanting Line In-Use indicators, so they know when the modem or phone is in-use and they don’t interrupt the call when making an outbound call. These devices work on the Voltage Drop principal! The Privacy Devices are placed in front of each phone or modem, and know that the line is busy off-hook if the voltage drops below a threshold of 24VDC.

How to Hook up a Stereo to an Epson Projector

It also has a 5V output, which a few of you might be interested in. This is a perfect supply for the kit. Connecting a 90 ohm power resistor in series with a. Because this unit is external, no AC enters your chassis. This means less potential for humm.

May 15,  · Best Answer: ok run + of battery to + of amp make sure u hook it up to the amp first or ull get sparks. then run – of the amp to any bolt uv got goin into ur frame work of the car. then aux out from head unit to aux in of amp. then speaker cables from amp to Status: Resolved.

You need to run another power wire or you can get a distribution block and split up the wire you already have ran for power. The ground wire you can just connect to a good grounded bolt holding the seats down or something. And as for the RCAs just get a spliter for those too. And on the Kicker subs, The deal with them is that they say that both voice coils MUST be hooked up at all times of it will mess them up A friend of mune had that problem.

With the dual 2ohm Kicker’s you can either wire them in 1ohm or 4ohm. You want to wire that accordingly to what you amp can handle. So I went with the dual 4ohm Kicker S15L7 so that I could wire it in 2ohm the dual 4ohm can be wired in either 2 or 8ohm for one channel of my amp. And I will have a 2ohm load going to the other channel. I would have went with the dual 2ohm if my amp could handle a 1ohm load. I am doing good with what I got for now.

I am fixing to try and add to Kicker 12’s to what I already have. When I get those I am going to have someone professionally build me a bx.

how do i connect a microphone to my stereo amp?

Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts Vehicle: It can be done fairly easily, and may not even need additional accesories. The sound quality will not be as good as if you replaced the factory unit with a good aftermarket radio with RCA jacks, but will often sound better then the stock system. RCA’s use an unamplified signal that has not yet had much noise introduced. This allows the signal to be carried to a better amp, and makes for a cleaner output.

In some rare cases, you may find an RCA connector marked LFE (Low Frequency Effects) on a receiver or pre-amp; hooking up the “LFE” jacks usually only sends bass special effects of a encoded movie to the subwoofer.

Amp in Protect Mode – Troubleshooting Foreword: I get so many questions about amplifiers going into protection or blowing fuses after remote turn-on voltage is applied that I’ve decided to provide a page to help determine if the amplifier is faulty or if a fault in the system is causing a problem. Many amplifiers will illuminate their protect LED during the mute delay when you initially power up the amplifier.

After a short delay seconds , the protect LED will go off. For those amplifiers this is normal. If you know how your amplifier behaves when the amp is in good working order, it will make troubleshooting much easier. If you are unsure about this, you can email me or ask someone on a forum where they’re familiar with the amplifier you have. For the most part, this page is for amplifiers that go into protect mode and remain in protect mode or go into protect mode when the amplifier is driven hard.

Many times, the protection indicator will blink to indicate the reason the amp is in protect mode. The owner’s manual is the best source to help you decode the blink sequence. This is common on older Alpine amplifiers. Not all amps have a protection mode indicator. Some simply shut down and the power light will not illuminate when in protect mode. If the power light blinks then goes off, the amp is either going into protect mode or there is a bad connection in the power supply wiring.

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Wiring your Home Theater Many of the questions I have received were concerned with how to wire their new home theater system. To better understand this important topic I have added this section. First, there are two categories of wiring required.

The first step in hooking up your surround sound is determining what types of inputs and features your system is capable of. By “system”, I mean your surround sound receiver, your speakers (five speakers and a subwoofer), your TV, and any other components (like a DVD player).

If so, can you let me know how? Are there any risks? It is time for me to summarize my most important conclusions at the amptone site. First you should read http: I’ve been re-reading wonderful books about recording the guitar and getting guitar sounds. See list at bottom.

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system

Nice little amp Before I review, I would like to say I am reviewing this product from a perspective as a gigging instrumental acoustic guitarist. Had to do an outdoor gig with no electric outlets Read complete review Before I review, I would like to say I am reviewing this product from a perspective as a gigging instrumental acoustic guitarist.

Apr 20,  · Best Answer: amp should have come with a cable that has 4 wires.. you splice those 4 wires to 2 speakers.. this is the way to get around the RCA’: Resolved.

The pre-amplifier is an important part of a component music system. I consider the pre-amp second only to the loudspeakers in determining system performance, although it is the power amplifier that gets the lion’s share of attention in the audiophile press. The pre-amp or “control amplifier” handles lower level signals than the power amp, so relatively small amounts of hiss, noise, distortion and other unwanted sonic characteristics can cause an audible problem.

The pre-amp is located between the program sources CD player, Tuner, Turntable, etc. The signal from a program source is fed to the pre-amp, where it is amplified enough to present a useable signal to the power amplifier that, in turn, drives the loudspeakers. The pre-amplifier is also the stereo control center. Some pre-amps no longer include amplifier circuitry for magnetic phono cartridges. For convenience and increased flexibility, most pre-amps add controls for balance left and right , tone bass, treble and sometimes midrange and a headphone output jack.

Most modern pre-amps include a remote control that allows the operation of most features from your listening position. This is not necessary, but it is a convenience. Another convenience is a switched AC outlet on the back panel.

Hooking up a Hammond M-100 to an external amp

These mistakes can range from simple problematic issues to things that could quickly lead to premature device failure. Let me quickly explain why. Every cable has inherent resistance.

ive got a 98 subaru legacy wagon. i wired the amp to the battery grounded it, wired the remote on to a 12v source in the fuse box. and got a audiopipe rca converter and hooked it up to the rear speaker wires behind the head unit and ran the cable to the amp.. the amp is on. and getting power but no sound is coming from the sub:mad.. idk what.

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Car Stereos and Speakers , Chevy Silverado , Chevy Blazer S , Radio Well if you got any old “RCA” cables what i would do is cut the end off of one and wire it to the back speakers and then you plug them in to the amp and then hook up the power supply for your amp and then connect your subs and that should work???

A typical Head Unit will push between 10 and 50 watts to each speaker, while the RCA inputs on your Amplifier will only take about 3. In Stereo World, this is called “Input Voltage. What you are looking for, friend, is commonly called a “Knockdown,” or a “Step-Down-Converter. This unit will be about 3″x3″x6” and will have RCA outputs on the back of it to hook up to your amp. Any Mom and Pop Stereo Shop should be familiar with this item, and should have some in stock, they are very commonly used in your situation, and are not new to the industry.

What you need is a line level converter.

Wiring a 2 or 4 channel amp to your stock speaker harness without cutting the factory wiring

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