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Why not give us a call to find out all the details? There is no shortage of deal advertisements from stores who would like your business: How will you make a decision if their bargains are real just? The Government Trade Commission, the country’s consumer protection organization, has some tips to obtain the most for your cash. A “sale” price isn’t always the “best” price. Some merchants might give a sale price on an item for a limited time; others might discount the purchase price on a single item every day.

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Hunting The 50 Best Deer Hunting Tips for the Whitetail Rut Expert skills for hunting every phase of the deer breeding season—plus, the 7 best days of the whitetail rut Comments You’ve waited all year for this—the whitetail deer rut. You spent the spring hunting shed antlers. You spent summer glassing red-coated bucks with bulbous velvet antlers. You endured the October lull, and it’s lazy, skulking deer.

The RV satellite TV services charge a substantial premium to receive their special HD channels, so cost is a factor in this decision. So is the type of antenna required to receive HD (more on this later).

Step 1 Clamp the size 4 Mustad hook in the vice and crimp the barb. Attach the thread at the hook’s point. Step 2 Select a yellow marabou plume for the tail and stroke back the fronds to expose about one-inch of the tip. Step 3 Cut out the tip with your scissors. Removing that much of the tip and the stem makes the marabou tail more flexible which gives the fly more life-like movement. Step 4 Tie in the marabou tail. The tail should extend beyond the hook’s bend by a length equal to one and one-half times the hook’s length.

Align the butts of the marabou with the front of the thread wraps and bind down the marabou back to the hook’s point. Step 5 Select an olive marabou plume for the wing. Prepare it in the same way that you prepared the yellow marabou plume in Steps 2 and 3. The olive marabou wing should extend beyond the yellow marabou tail. On a size 4 HairyMara Slider that would be about one-half inch.

Scale it back on the smaller size 6 and 8 HairyMara Sliders. After you have measured the olive marabou wing for proper length, align the butts with the front of the yellow marabou butts.

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Tide at 2 years old Sired by Bart. I took Tide on this trip, instead of Bart, to get him used to coyote hunting and fetching trout. By noon we arrived at a small creek near Red Lake and caught 4 brooks and one rainbow. Tide kept trying to get ahead of me and that would have spooked the fish so I put him on the short leash tied to my belt. Bart will fetch them out of the water when I bring them up to the surface.

Red Deer free classifieds 33+ Divorced Horny Mom Looking For NSA personal bedroom Posted: Wed. Oct. 31 Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture. I am looking for an FWB relationship with a guy any age, status, race, size for NSA hookup, that would love to.

WhatsApp Colt McCoy has been featured on the cover of far too many magazines to count. Try Colt McCoy, fisherman. At the end of the day, we took two pictures of the fish we caught. I ended up catching the biggest fish of the day, almost five pounds. I held it up, we took some pictures and I ended up being on the cover of Bass Master.

Photograph by Randal Ford. That would be doing those guys an injustice because they are unbelievable. But to be on the cover of that was a really cool honor. He was eager but this time the NCAA was unwilling. So McCoy had to pass. I never shot one with a drop tine before. He came out in the afternoon and I just about lost it. He was the biggest one, certainly mature, and I took him.

The 8-point score was a and ended up winning the Los Cazadores biggest eight-point of the year down in south Texas.

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Hunting from ground blinds has been growing again in popularity, so here are some strategies. John Woods with No Comments There is a revolution of sorts happening in deer hunting. Hunters are moving back to the ground in hordes. It is not that deer hunters are giving up their high perches in tree stands of all kinds or shooting houses, but in the past few seasons, there has been an explosion of hunters going back to ground blinds. There certainly are many advantages to hunting on the ground and not just comfort or safety.

Sebile’s new Pivot Frog increases hook-up ratios Weighted wide-gap hook increases the space between the frog’s body and the hook point.

I was deer hunting not to far from Angola Bay Game Land in Duplin County NC I was walking through the woods by the Northeast Cape Fear River and observed a red tinted figure approximately 8 to 9 ft tall it looked like it was taking a drink of water I was so frozen by what I was seeing I couldn’t move from the shock. It took a drink and looked up and I believed it seen me got and got up and just walked off in the distance over a hill and it was gone.

Needless to say I ran hard for at least 2 miles and haven’t been back since then. I had noticed the smell of what I thought was stagnant water right before I seen it. Yeah In Rose Hill a few years earlier a guy deer hunting said one was eating his corn pile. It was around 5 pm it was getting dusk and I was proceeding to leave when I saw it. It was Pine Forest around the River. I spoke with the witness by phone. The witness is a law enforcement officer with several years experience.

In mid November of the witness went hunting for whitetail deer along the banks of the Northeast Cape Fear River. While walking through the brush along the bank he began to notice a musky odor that he described as a stagnant water smell and began to feel nervous that a black bear was close by. When the witness looked across the opposite side of the river bank he observed what he first thought was a bear squatting down. He stated that the animal looked as if it was scooping something out of the water.

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He has a history in kitchens, mostly Italian. He’s been butchering for 7 years. He thinks he makes the best mortadella of all time, but no one seems to care.

Lions Campground, located in the heart of Red Deer, combines the beauty of a park with the convenience of the city. Lions Campground is just minutes from the wealth of stores, cultural opportunities, and golf courses in Red Deer, so urban opportunities abound for people travelling through the region. 30 amp full hook-up or 15 amp power.

Average of ratings as of Jan. On the way out some people told me that Pink power bait and anything pink will work in the pond. I tried cheese slice worms and shrimp and nothing no bites. I drilled a hole by shore and it’s 24″ thick and I drilled another hole near the middle of the lake and it’s 18″ thick so if you stick closer to the shore it’s the safest to go around the pond you’ll be fine.

My smoker wants some Quite a few hits by Goochass1 on Dec. Very dissapointing day, way overfished. The gophers enjoyed the bait more then any fish there. If you enjoy fishing this is your spot, if you enjoy catching continue driving. Lake seems kinda slow these days. Use to be really good about 4 years ago but has slowed down significantly.

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You just need to use more hair and it will tighten up. Try this — when doing the head eyeball and forward , hold a healthy stack of hair couple or 3 pencils thick on top of the hook shank, wrap a couple of thread wraps over the middle of it, and while holding the hair in place, cinch it tight, causing the hair to completely flare without letting the hair move around the hook.

Add a few more thread wraps as tightly as possible short of cutting through the hair to tightly secure it in place. Then hold another healthy stack underneath the hook directly under this stack and do the same thing, making the thread wraps go over exactly the same spot where the thread wraps were made on the previous stack of deer hair. Then hold another healthy stack of deer hair on top of the previously stacked deer hair on top and again make the thread wraps go over exactly the same spot as previously — in other words, you should end up with 3 healthy stacks of hair on the hook 2 on top and 1 on the bottom with all the thread wraps exactly on top of each other.

Deer Hits Runner During Jersey Shore Race – Little Silver-Oceanport, NJ – The deer reportedly came out of nowhere and slammed the woman to the ground.

And you have your first cut of meat. Do the same with the second shoulder. Next, we remove the back straps. Find the spot right where the back connects with the ramp, the hip, and make a cut from the side to the backbone. Next, run your knife down right next to the backbone… And start removing the back strap. We choose not to gut this doe. If you do gut your deer, you will find two small pieces of meat, the tenderloins.

Last year, we did gut one of the deer we hunted and got the tenderloin but also the ribs. We ended up giving the dogs one rib at a time every couple of weeks as a chew toy. They loved it and it lasted for quite a while. We will probably do it again this year with one or two deer. So, to remove the middle part of the body, saw the backbone right at the hip… Until the whole belly part disconnect from the hind legs. We threw it in the burn pile together with the head and the skin.

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