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They are doing well in both group and solo activities. They have extended their range of works to dramas, movies, musicals, and more. Problem is, the disbanding rumours that arise with their solo activities. Speculations have been overwhelming with no signs of stopping every year. Rumours have surfaced after the release of this album as well. And so, BEG has spoken. We will become great sonbaes.

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of GOT7

Kisah mereka diawali pada akhir tahun Pasanagan ini merupakan pasanagan yang paling heboh dan kocak, terlihat dari awal pertemuan mereka yang heboh dengan jahilan KwangHee terhadap SunHwa. Sampai-sampai SunHwa dibuat menangis saking terkejutnya. Pasangan ini mengawali pernikahan mereka pada saat pasanagan SunHwa dan KwangHee mengakiri pernikahan mereka.

Gain and Jokwon are leaving We Got Married and now We Are Dating came to an end. It’s a nightmare! Why MBC even started this show when they wasn’t sure they will be able to maintain it for three months?!

Nigemawatte mo kimi no nioi wo kagi wakeru Kono SCOPE no naka ni kimi no egao wo utsushidasu Sumu sekai ga chigau to dare mo iu kedo konna ni mo kurushii omoi wa nani? Get up Lock-on girl! This chest overflows only of things about you I gotta lock on girl! This softness that you’ll never send to me I gotta lock on girl! I gotta lock on girl! The experienced pain will soon change into happiness This sobbing you will become a white doll Even if you’re not the same anymore, I loved you The season of our encounter disseappeared The first time I cried for you melts Even if I push myself, I embrace you.

20 Idols That Fans Suspect Might Have Secretly Dated Eachother In The Past

T – English – Chapters: Can a certain Shadow King fix the damage Kaoru’s twin unknowingly did? A quirky romance told in or word snippets.

Visual yang pernah mengikuti acara variety show “We Got Married” adalah Uee,Hyunjoong,Gain,Jokwon,Nickhun,Yonghwa,Sunhwa,Kwanghee,Lee Joon dan yang sekarang sedang mengikuti acara ini adalah Apink Naeun.

On that radio show, when the mc asked if taeyeon sang a song to a guy and she said no, is it true that it was a mistranslation? I’ve heard some people here saying that the MC didn’t ask if it was really a guy, but if she saw him as a man? I’m a korean so trust me. I heard it live few years ago. I thought “Hmm that answer was quite meaningful Yes,”Eesung” means a guy to a girl, girl to a guy.

It can just mean a guy friend. Koreans say ‘Like in a boy-girl way’ to express ‘Like romantically’. So when Taeyeon says no to that question, it could be interpreted that she sang the song to somebody she liked, just not romantically. That being said, I personally just think that that was a really gay outburst. Come on, you don’t sing love-confessing songs to people you don’t like romantically; why would you go through the trouble? So when Taeyeon said that she had not sung for someone she ‘liked in a boy-girl way’, it obviously means that she sang it for someone she liked in a girl-girl way.

And god forbid for them to ever imply the ghei out of the girls right?

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They took a promotion video and pictures drawing with their autograph for the program. The total amount of beans from this box will be used to buy backpacks full with school supplies for poor children. Naver Happy Bean Campaign: The Love we receive from fans,our Hottest. When we are on stage, the cheers from fans who chant for us are really the great energy.

بنات ياحلوين نزل برنامج جديد ليوكيس اسمو we are dating بليييييييز لآتوقفي ترجمه البرناامج لقد تزوجنا الثنائي JoKwon & GaIn مرا حلو وو يعطيك العاافيه ع الترجمه الحلوووهـ..^^ غير معرف 25 فبراير

YongSeo start their marriage on We Got Married Session 2, from episodes 40 and ending at 91 episodes 51 episodes. After this news came out, many fans are hoping they are really dating and marriage. Unfortunately, Yonghwa just sing this song without Seohyun and lyrics of the song is also slightly modified. Yonghwa and Seohyun is the first youngest couple ever married in WGM. When married, year-old Yonghwa 22 Korea and year-old Seohyun 20 Korea.

Yonghwa would always say “Jashik” when she felt happy. Seohyun and one brother-in-law of his, Minhyuk, born on date, month, and the same year, June 28, Kim Jungmin, one of the family studio, claimed cried inside while watching the last episode YongSeo. YongSeo is a couple that has the highest number of members on the site Soompi Fancafe “Couple”. Earlier there was the leader, Taeyeon, which follow the We Got Married Session 1 with Jung Hyung Don who has the distinction of age 12 years older than Taeyeon if not wrong There are fears Seohyun will also terminate its participation in the WGM at the time.

But, to continue his marriage with Yonghwa Seohyun.

2AM (band)

Terimakasih telah melahirkan aku terimakasih Mendengar kalimat itu aku jadi berpikir, mungkin kalimat itu ada di dalam setiap hati manusia baik sadar ataupun tidak. Bahkan sesulit apapun hidup ini, kita akan tetap harus bersyukur karena telah lahir ke dunia ini. Aku juga nonton film korea berjudul “Scent of Love”. Di film itu ada seorang wanita hamil yang tetap mempertahankan bayinya padahal ia terkena kanker rahim. Yang pada akhirnya sang ibu tak terselamatkan tapi sang bayi selamat.

Jul 09,  · here’s my latest FMV:) the song is included in Kwon’s solo album.. the story about kwon’s ex-gf and gain dating experiences are pure imagination.. while the.

Also coupled with the fact that he can be sooo shameless sometimes. I’d say Giriboy is more suspicious to me. For this season, idek, but Verbal Jint pings imo. Giriboy is such a strange person that I’d have to meet him in real life to even begin to analyse his behaviour. Did you watch him on Yaman TV? Actually Iron was really cute on that though, he seems a bit spacey. Not what I was expecting after he made everyone cream their pants with his SMTM performances Verbal Jint just seems like he’s really hung over all of the time.

I only started “observing” key a few days ago but pretty much anything he does is gay as hell Amen. I don’t know less likely but maybe San-E. He has a gay lisp unless he does that on purpose Also his obsession with pretty people on SMTM He once said he liked Vasco then said I’m not gay like no one thought you were gay in the first place We all know he means that he thinks Vasco is a good rapper. Only gay people have to point out that they aren’t gay. Omg okay I dunno but I swear there is something going on with them and I’m not that kind of person that like jumps into conclusions but seriously those two there is like so much evidence.

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He entered the military at a young age twenty and was given 2 years off from JYP Entertainment to do so. He was raised in Canada as a child and can speak English. Changmin is known for being goofy. Seulong Seulong Seulong is one of the most popular members of 2AM. He is known for his serious appearance and powerful acting, though on shows he has proven himself recently to be a total dork.

Because of this he is jokingly called the third wheel of the duo.

Momo ate an ice cube and was scared that she would gain weight. They all had to lose weight before Sixteen aired so they went to a sauna where Sana collapsed. And Jungyeon, whose official profile says she is cm (5′5″) had to be at 44kg (97lbs) at weigh-in.

It’s been a long time since I last saw them because I’m really busy at work these days. Seulong will probably tease me for being a work freak. Not that I’m obsessed with work but rather, he is a jobless ajusshi. Korean age ” I emphasised her age as I handed her her present. The crowd roared, especially with Narsha’s new ahjibaems rushing towards their hyung.

JeA has always been our omma. She may seem playful but she has a scary, serious side too. She never jokes with relationships. Seulong then kept quiet. Even as a high school student, she skipped school to chase after him, remember? She even called herself ‘Kwill’s wife"”! Only her precious Kwill can make a work freak like her leave her work to catch his performances!

Secondly, I’ll not ignore my work just to see my idol! I bet this was the nth time I’ve been repeating it.

Which male idols do you think are gay?

I am 22 years old and I live in Northern California. Gain and Jo Kwon reunite after 4 years on ‘Happy Stop bringing something 6 years old back up Djkshfdk Dklsjfldlkdk May 7, at

JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!! December 31, · by JYJ3 Team. Dear readers, in Korea and their groups are some of the most popular and well known in Asia and yet nary a one has been able to gain fame with a solo album release or produce a substantial amount of their own music. JoKwon (2AM) Korean: Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) Best.

Kind, very, very clean and tidy, cute, prankster, funny Height: B Super Power Badge: According to Chen, he is very clean and tidy, almost to the point of OCD. Chen calls him the “King of Detail” because he has a very specific way of sorting things. Steamed buns, kimchi soup and miso soup prepared by his parents. Playing soccer, exercising, eating delicious food with Luhan, cleaning, organizing, shopping.

Blue He is the oldest member in EXO. He knows Taekwondo and Fencing. He says that his special talent is shouting. EXO-M says that he is both the strongest and funniest member in the group. Why is he the strongest? The members had a contest where they wrung a wet towel. When it came to his turn, he was the one who get the most water from the towel out. In the future, he wants to be an architect.

Oh My School / 100 points out of 100

The program showed the intense physical training that thirteen male trainees go through to acquire the opportunity to debut in either a four-member ballad group or a seven-member dance group. He became the group’s leader. Variety entertainment and popularity as Adam Couple[ edit ] Jo has appeared as a regular panel member on variety shows such as Star King.

Letting go of two original brand new copies of “We Got Married” Adam Couple DVD sets. Only limited copies were published in as a collectible collection, and it was the first variety show to be released as a DVD!

Not my pretty Jung Il-woo! Royal Family A brief explanation about the live-shoot system: Miniseries and special production dramas typically begin filming a month or two in advance of their premieres, although there are some that begin filming several more months before that reasons: This head start allows dramas to have a few episodes in the can before the episodes hit the air, but the demands of production can catch up mighty quickly after that, and soon shows will be filming episodes the week they air.

Two episodes per week means that each episode gets a few days for filming and editing, with not much room for extensive reshoots and the like. Sleep deprivation is a given; mistakes a distinct possibility. So why do people insist on producing dramas under these strenuous conditions? It really boils down to ratings, which in turn equals revenue. Though we drama fans know from experience that this may be more likely to produce schizophrenic plotlines and crazy character behavior than anything else: But on the other hand, there are cases where tweaks can work.

Even a successful show wants to chase more success; producers can read the positive fan responses and load on the fanservice to amp even more excitement Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Secret Garden, and Boys Before Flowers are a few such examples. Sign But that kind of mentality is hard on all involved, not least the actors who have to power through insane hours and lack of rest.

Actor collapses are unfortunately common, as are IV drips for the overworked cast and crew.

우리 결혼했어요 – We got Married, Jo Kwon, Ga-in(16) #02, 조권-가인(16) 20100130

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