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The Queen liked the pieces so much that in she knighted Henry Doulton for his contributions to England’s ceramic art. By bestowing this royal honor upon the company, King Edward was also giving them the right to be called Royal Doulton. There are three brands that make up Doulton Home: The company has used numerous backstamps, marks and logos over the years. Many figurines have the artist’s initials stamped on the bottom. Other figurines are signed by the artist. However, there are also a large number that do not have any artist identification at all, only a backstamp. The antique and collectible world of Royal Doulton is often complex and confusing. Many seasoned collectors consider their identification and price guide an invaluable reference and refer to it often.


Fortunately, there are still many original Beswick figurines out there that could be purchased by the avid collector. Collectors of porcelain figurines will be familiar with the wide range of stamps used by manufacturers to mark their work. John Beswick implemented this practice at his Beswick factory and the range of marks or stamps that can be found on Beswick pieces give an invaluable insight into both your provenance and value in the piece itself.

There, factories like Spode and Royal Worcester, used bone china to make tea sets, vases, dinnerware, and other items. As the name implies, bone china involves the addition of bone ash to a mixture of finely ground stone and clay.

Doulton then found employment as a thrower at a small pottery in Vauxhall Walk, owned, following the death of her husband, by a Mrs Martha Jones. In Mrs Jones retired, the partnership was dissolved and Doulton and Watts continued the business on their own account. The dissolution of the partnership and the start of he Doulton business is recorded in the London Gazette for 4th February John Doulton Jnr b.

In Henry Doulton established a separate business to manufacture sanitary ware and earthenware pipes. John Doulton Jnr also started an independent business in , establishing a pipe-making factory at St Helens in Lancashire to supply pipes to Liverpool and the north-west. At the end of John Watts retired, triggering the liquidation of his partnership with John Doulton.

The contributions of the respective liquidated businesses were: Hutchinson of London This was formed from January when Lewis Doulton entered the partnership and Henry Doulton transferred one quarter of his capital to his son. The balance of the preference shares and debenture stock were offered to the public. Having no children, Lewis Doulton looked to his nephew, Lewis John Eric Hooper to continue the family connection with the business.

Eric Hooper, who trained first as a lawyer, had entered the business in and was appointed to the Board as a Director in

Identify Antique China Patterns

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Looking back this was the “beginning of the end” for Royal Albert, Beswick and may indeed be for Royal Doulton itself. – Backstamp that were “Made in England” 20th December , Royal Doulton ceased Royal Albert production in England.

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Royal Doulton Dating Backstamp

Vintage Wedgwood China Three Types of Porcelain According to Collector’s Weekly , there are three main types of porcelain, all of which are commonly called “china: There, factories like Spode and Royal Worcester, used bone china to make tea sets , vases, dinnerware, and other items. As the name implies, bone china involves the addition of bone ash to a mixture of finely ground stone and clay.

Old, aynsley backstamp dating radiometric dating is not useful to directly determine the age of date baccarat french glassmaking. Ago fri to dating in favour of these tea gilt. Ago fri to dating in favour of these tea gilt.

Whether you’re looking for something specific to add to your collection or you’re just interested in a few pretty pieces, there are plenty of great sources for buying Victorian porcelain. Where to Find Victorian Antique Porcelain Several retailers specialize in antique porcelain figurines, dishes, and other collectible items. Depending on what you’re looking for, one of the following retailers may be a good place to start your search.

Specializing in dinnerware, tea sets, collector’s plates, and other collectible items, Replacements, Ltd. You’ll find Dresden figurines, Limoges dishes, and much more. Even though Replacements, Ltd.

Character Jugs & Mugs – Royal Doulton

When valuing Royal Doulton figurines, the book standard refers primarily to the Charlton Catalogue. While other guides are available, the Charlton Catalogue provides precise information along with a visual guide as to what the figurine should actually look like. Available at all good book stores, the Charlton Catalogue lists each HN figurine by number, along size, artist and having a full description along with the quoted value dollar amount.

While the book is a great reference, actual sales of the figurines rarely make the dollar amount quoted in the book.

By the name and patterns had been absorbed into Royal Albert and by the Paragon name was discontinued. Some later Paragon patterns from this period continued in production under Royal Albert and were still available until the Royal Albert name was discontinued by Doulton.

Within ten years he had enlarged the factory three times, built a china works, taken on the largest and most gifted group of artists in the Potteries, and developed for Doulton a reputation for craftsmanship and artistry still identified with Royal Doulton today. There follows a selection of the backstamps most commonly used on Doulton Burslem wares, and some further hints on dating.

The information is taken by permission from “The Doulton Burslem Wares” by Desmond Eyles, a compulsory work of reference for any collector of Doulton wares see back page. The reference numbers for the Doulton Burslem marks have been prefixed by the letter ‘B’ to distinguish them from those also numbered 1 and up in the list of Lambeth marks given in The Doulton Lambeth Wares. Several of these were adopted after by Doulton and remained in use for about twenty years.

The following are two typical examples found on the patterns Rouen and Kew. Various other pattern names will be found. The coronet on B. The mark continued in use until This mark continued in use until It appears to have been used instead of B. Occasionally found also between and along with B. This mark was in general use at Burslem between and On smaller wares, only the bottom half of this mark i.

How to Date Royal Worcester Pottery Marks?

Production then expanded to include hand-decorated stoneware. Queen Victoria knighted Henry Doulton in for his innovations in the ceramic art. In , the company became Doulton and Company, Ltd. In , a second factory was built in Burslem which still continues to produce the famous figurines, jugs, and table wares.

~History of Royal Doulton ~Royal Doulton Quality and Value ~Royal Doulton Marks and Backstamps. The Royal Doulton Company is a world-renowned English .

View Larger Image How to Date Your Royal Doulton Figurines Dating Royal Doulton can be a little tricky and sometimes confusing, I have compiled and list backstamps and pictures of backstamps to help you determine the age of your pieces or any other pieces you may come across. While the pricing is no longer relevant the statistical information contained in these catalogues are still quite relevant. The crown and lion backstamp which was the staple for all of the HN line was used from until , when the factory in England was closed and re-located to Thailand.

All pieces that have the crown and lion backstamp are made in England. None of these pieces were transferred to the New Location in Thailand. This of course makes it easy to tell the difference.

Royal Doulton Price Guide

They’re quite distinctive and when you see one there’s no mistaking what it is. These two items are occasionally confused with each other but they are actually very different. Toby jugs are models of the entire body while character jugs are models of just the head and shoulders.

A Royal Doulton JUG, D, from the Tunis Series, in production from till circa , 18cms – Cannon & Cannon A Royal Doulton JUG, D, from the Tunis Series, in production from till circa , 18cms high with a special backstamp. This item is.

It originated in London in and expanded its size and reputation through both acquisition and organic growth. Today its products include porcelain, collectibles, dinnerware, glassware, giftware, jewelery, linens and more. Doulton Home is now part of the Waterford Wedgwood group and most of the current production for these three brands is performed outside of the United Kingdom, in the Far East and Indonesia.

John Doulton, born in Fulham in , learned his trade at the Fulham Manufacturing Company, well known as one of the first English commercial producers of stoneware, founded by master potter John Dwight in John Doulton completed his apprenticeship, earning a reputation as one of the best pot throwers in London. The factory specialized in producing utilitarian salt glazed stoneware, similar to the Fulham factory.

In Henry Doulton, the second son of John, joined the firm, at the age of He had a great aptitude for all aspects of pottery making and was soon making major contributions to the business. In , in response to greater health awareness and the need for glazed piping to replace the older porous brick sewers, Doulton built a pipe factory on what was to become the Albert Embankment.

The demand for these products was tremendous and within three years Doulton founded factories in Dudley and St Helens to meet the need for pipes and other sanitary ware.

Buying Victorian Antique Porcelain

While impossible to be completely precise, these rules usually hold true. Royal Doulton Trademark – It is unusual for a jug not to have a Royal Doulton Trademark, but prototypes have been found, at times, with a blank base. Seconds are marked with a X or a hole drilled into the backstamp. To quickly identify an Royal Doulton older piece, glance at the curved lines that look like vertical, curved equal lines on each side of the circle.

The mark contains a Lion Standing on a Crown.

The Worcester Porcelain Factory was founded in by Dr John Wall, Royal Worcester marks incorporating a crown above a circle were first introduced in and combined the number 51 within the circle signifying the year Dr Wall founded the original company.

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manufacturers’ labels & marks (T to Z)

He initially had two partners, Martha Jones and John Watts, the former of who left the company in , and the latter in He began by producing practical and decorative stoneware, such as bottles and sewer pipes from his small pottery John’s son Henry – joined the company in and the production of stoneware items was expanded to include laboratory articles, sanitary ware and drainpipes, which were sold worldwide. In the mid s John Doulton began experimenting with a more decorative pottery items.

Many glazes and decorative effects were developed including faience, impasto, silicon, carrara, marqueterie, chine, and rouge flambe.

On page of volume 4 of Royal Doulton series ware; Louise Irvine lists the first 24 scenes that make up this series. The 25 & 26 scene are described on page 71 of volume 4 (The New Discovery Volume).

Stunning ewer with superb additional gilt decoration. Gloire de Dijon Wash Set c With gilt. Fabulous set of a ewer and bowl, chamber pot, soap dish and vase. This is Gloire de Dijon with additional gilt decoration around the rim. Ewer has light all over crazing and inside minor discolouration and a small firing fault.

Bowl has a little mnor wear to the rim and the occasional very minor blemish. Chamber pot has a little wear to the gilt and inside some surface scratching and minor discolouration. Soap dish has a little minor wear to the gilt and is lacking its lid otherwise excellent condition. The vase has light all over crazing a little wear to the rim and underneath a little discolouration otherwise excellent condition.

Overall this is in really good condition and so rare to find all of the pieces together. Jessica Ewer c Fabulous large ewer in this gorgeous floral pattern. Doulton Burslem England Jessica. The occasional very minor blemish, overall excellent condition.

Royal Doulton – Michael Doulton Signing Event in Toronto area 2017 Canada

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